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02 October 2010 @ 07:48 pm
Round Six - Drabble Submissions  
Prompting is now closed for Round Six -- time to get your write on.  Thanks to everyone who submitted prompts!

Some Rules/Guidelines for Submission and Feedback:

1. Drabbles should be submitted by commenting on this post. There is no word minimum or maximum. If your fic doesn't fit in one comment (about 4300 characters), that's perfectly fine. Just post an excerpt of your fic and a link to the rest of the story elsewhere.

2. You need to use a subject line for your submissions.

The format you should use is: Title, Prompt, Rating. Example: That's How I Was Raised And I Turned Out TV, The Simpsons reruns, PG

3. Each drabble should be submitted as a new comment to this post.

4. Anyone can submit as many drabbles as they'd like, using any prompts, even your own. More than one person can submit for the same prompt.

5. Feel free to cross-post submissions elsewhere. Just make sure you let others know you wrote if for this drabble-a-thon.

6. If you like what you've read, please take the time to tell the author. Comments are like crack to fanfic writers. We can never get enough. (Please be sure to reply to the comment in which the author posted their drabble, not to this original post, so the author receives your feedback.)

7. Absolutely no flames of any kind will be tolerated in this community. This is supposed to be fun. Read the subject line before reading, and simply skip over something that appears not to be to your liking or rating preference.

The deadline for Round Six Submissions will be on Friday, November 2nd.  So go on.  Have at it, people!

accidental bondage
all tied up
and we're back
"and you say?"
animal farm
baby shower
beacon of sky
beefy forearms
bitter pill to swallow
body shimmer
business sexts
business slut

can you hear me now?
can't win 'em all
Catholic guilt
caught in the rain
cold open
Colleen knows
cooking in an apron
daddy bear
Dennis Duffy returns
Disney prince
do no harm
double date
dying your hair

emergency contact (for old times' sake)
flee to the Cleve
"Frankly, I think our friendship could survive anything"
getting fired
give and take
(half of) 12 years in
ham in the shower
ham it up

I was once like you
in cahoots
it's just not fair
joined at the hip
Jon Hamm
Kabletown meeting in Philly
late lunch
Lee Marvin
life lessons
Liz's 40th
looking around

matching glasses
mine's bigger than yours
naked sunbathing
on live TV
our song
perfect for each other
period of adjustment
power play
pube shirt

raging hormones
red underwear
relationship war
relax, don't do it
Ricky Gervais
rock-climing wall
role reversal

sadness scavenger hunt
Secret Santa
see no evil
sex after marriage
"She has really thin lips, but makes up for it with tongue girth"
she's like me, in female form
silk stockings
slowing down time
so it goes
so you claim
Star Trek
sulky girl

tax cuts
tea & sympathy
tell the world
"that's what your Mom said" jokes
the proverbial door
'this is how you make love to a woman'
too much?
twenty years from now

vampire ladies
what now?
when it rains, it pours
while you were sleeping
whole lot of problems
woman's blazer
you've got mail
zero to none

stephen@charleneforever.com: 30 rock: liz & jenna & looking at jackmichellek on October 22nd, 2010 12:00 am (UTC)
Half-Spoken, life lessons, videotapes, PG
"He's dead." There's a pause after Avery says this, and she continues in a rush of panic: "He had a stroke. Out of nowhere. What am I supposed to tell Claire? She's eight. She's strong, of course, because she's our daughter... but she's a child and she loves her father. There's so much I have to do, I don't even know where to start..." She pauses again. "Jack's dead. My husband's dead." Her voice sounds even tenser; sadder. "Liz, are you there?"

"Yeah," she says. "I'm here. I'm here."

When she gets off the phone with Avery, Liz stands there for a full minute as Carol waits for her to speak and their son Robert, oblivious, remains focused on the TV.

"Jack's gone," she says, because she's not ready to explain the word 'death' to a five-year-old. Right now, even she can't comprehend the idea. "He's gone."

Carol follows her into their bedroom. She cries against his chest.


She used to tease Jack about his age, used to listen to his fear of mortality, but the thought of Jack dying... She never seriously considered it. Even though he had a heart attack and a cancer scare in the time she's known him, she never dwelled on the fact that Jack would be gone one day. Of course it had to happen at some point, but it wasn't supposed to happen when he's just about to turn sixty. It wasn't supposed to happen *now,* it shouldn't have happened now.

"It's... surreal," she says. "It doesn't seem like this is actually happening. Are you sure I'm not dreaming?" She holds her arm out to her husband. "Pinch me."

Carol takes hold of her hand. "You're awake. We're both awake."


From a very young age, Claire's been outgoing and confident. (Jack taught her the art of a firm handshake when she was five and, if Liz ever prided herself on how she shakes hands, Claire's would totally put her to shame.) At Jack's funeral, she doesn't speak. Mostly stares at the floor. Liz doesn't know what to say, so she kisses the top of her head. Avery awkwardly hugs Liz with one arm, her other hand staying on Claire's back.

Liz doesn't ask how they are. It wouldn't be right to force Avery to lie and say something like as well as can be expected.

Link to the rest.
mindymakru: kissmindymakru on October 23rd, 2010 02:42 am (UTC)
Party of One, Liz's 40th, G
“You are the best friend ever!”

“I take it you’ve arrived home.”

“How did you do this? When did you do it?”

“Now that my brain’s cogs have been greased with a little liquor, I do recall making a few calls last week.”

“I like you so much more when you drink.”

“Likewise, Lemon. And happy birthday.”

“It’s not my birthday anymore. Technically. I’m now forty aaaand…two hours and six minutes.”

“Well, I feel I owe you a few extra birthday wishes. To make up for the unforgivable memory lapse of my sober self.”

“You are hereby forgiven, my friend. I cannot believe this…A muffin basket where all the muffins are made with extra butter. A wine and cheese basket, with all of my favorite hard and soft cheeses. A chocolate basket with dvds about making more stuff with chocolate. There’s baskets everywhere! Oh my God…where did you even find a place that delivers a basket filled with only sandwich meats and mayonnaise?”

“This is New York, Lemon.”

“I love this crazy city!”

“Have you checked the bathroom yet?”

“Nooo. Wait a second…My bathtub is filled with candy!!”

“Yes, it is.”

“There’s even an edible loofah!”

“And shampoo that’s actually a smoothie.”

“Thankyou Jack! This is awesome, the best birthday ever.”

“Well, you only turn forty once. And I can assure you, my inebriated self never forgot.”

“I hope you never sober up again. You’re just not Jack if you’re not drunk.”

“I realize that now. I hope you enjoy your Lemon party.”

“Hey, I’ll save you a muffin.”

“I’ll enjoy it with my mid-morning sherry.”

“So…I’m gonna get in my candy bath now.”

“Have fun. And there’s a basket of Tums by your bed.”

“G’night, Jack. Thanks for remembering.”

“Goodnight, Lemon. I’m drinking a toast to the next forty as we speak.”

mindymakru: foreplaymindymakru on October 25th, 2010 05:06 am (UTC)
Accidentally Sexy, compliments, fetish, PG

Liz turned, stirring her coffee.

Jack stopped in his tracks. His gaze ran down the length of her, then up. Slowly. He continued on his path, meeting her at the food station outside Studio 6H, where she was often to be found, grazing before the official start of the workday. He gestured at her attire with one hand. “Ah, what…is this?”

Liz looked down at herself. “You mean the tie?”

He nodded. “Let’s start with that.”

“It’s the one I bought you.”

“I see that. Why’re you wearing it?”

She gave a shrug, fingering the maroon and navy tie that hung down the front of her. “I paid five-hundred bucks for it. I might as well put it to some use. And no-ow…we can be tie buddies. See?” With a grin, she brushed the tip of her tie over his matching one, giving a high-pitched little ‘bop’ sound.

“Hmm…” Jack mused, taking in the rest of her outfit. “And the much tighter than usual shirt?”

Her grin turned into a grimace. “Oh. I did a whole bunch of laundry this weekend and all my shirts shrunk. Can you believe that? Like, every one. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to take off my cardigan but then this dude on the subway--”

Jack held up a hand to halt her. ”Lemon. This look…” His eyes took another thorough inventory. “The figure-hugging skirt--”

She tugged at it uncomfortably. “It shrunk too. I’m trying to stretch it out. And I searched wardrobe but I still can’t find my good jeans since the after-party last week when--”

Jack pressed on. “That coupled with the vaguely man-ish shirt, practically bursting at the buttons--”

“It’s my fault the washing instructions were all wrong?”

“Along with the pulled-back hair--”

“Didn’t have time to wash it.”

“The glasses--”

“Well, they’re usually there.”

“The boots--”

“Yeah, didn’t shave my legs either.”

“--and the tie, which incidentally is knotted incorrectly--”

“Hey. Get off!” she muttered, batting his hands away. “So you’re saying my outfit doesn’t work. What else is new?”

“No, Lemon. I’m saying the outfit works.“ He took a step back, considering her a moment, his lip pulled between his teeth. “It’s, ah…very sexy.”

Go here:...

Cliffhanger Whoresamuraichikx on November 1st, 2010 08:27 am (UTC)
The Chocolate To Your Chip (Fic)
This was meant to be posted before the deadline, but I got caught up with a few things. Hopefully it's still okay to post this!

Title: The Chocolate To Your Chip
Prompt: An extremely late intended ham_napkin; She's like me in female form, perfect for each other,
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Liz, brief mention of Jack/Avery, Liz/Carol
A/N: I really don't quite understand how every time I make food I get inspired to write a Jack/Liz fic. In this case, it was my friend who had burned her hand in an attempt to take the cookies out of the oven before a Halloween Party.

Jack opened the door to his apartment to find the whole place smelling like cookies. For one, he was shocked because his apartment never smelled like cookies. He never baked anything, and even if on the rare occasion that he was feeling in the cookie mood he usually went out to some place like Plunder and ordered an expensive desert, not some cheap pastry one finds in college eateries. The only clean part left of his kitchen were makeshift cooling racks on top of which sat about a dozen or so objects of said aroma. Next to them lay the used cookie sheets, crusted with baked-on dough. Next to that, a bottle of cooking spray, and next to that: two ripped packages of pre-made cookie dough. Curious, he attempted to read the dough-glazed packaging, eventually deciphering that said cookies were meant to be of the Snickerdoodle variety.

haters to the left: jack - shamestamatina_rae on November 3rd, 2010 03:33 am (UTC)
Re: The Chocolate To Your Chip (Fic)
Oh it's definitely okay to post. Thank you for doing so, in fact. One, because I really liked the story. (over abundant food, cuteness, and happiness for Jack/Liz!! Yes!) And two, because I've been such a horrible space case lately I didn't even remember the deadline was the 29th. Nice monitor, huh? Thanks again for submitting a fic!
haters to the left: tina - deep in thoughtstamatina_rae on November 5th, 2010 10:17 am (UTC)
Times Up, mine's bigger than yours, sex after marriage, bitter pill to swallow, NC-17
Now was not the time for jokes. Especially lame jokes. She knows it'll sound stupid before the words even come out of her mouth. But lying there next to him, all naked and sweaty, still breathing heavy, she can't stop herself.

"Mine's bigger than yours.”

"Excuse me?" is his confused reply.

Her idiotic joke, just like this -- this, whatever this is...afternoon rendezvous? -- is such a huge mistake. Even more of a mistake than all the previous times. She can't be the only one thinking it.

"Nothing. Never mind."

"Are you referencing the size of your stomach?" he chuckles.

“No, I'm talking about my penis, Jack."

He ignores her off-color sarcasm, per usual. "You're supposed to be rotund, Lemon." His hips twist under the expensive hotel sheets, moving his hefty frame onto his side. He looks at her intently. "I, on the other hand, could certainly stand to lose some weight."

"Well, that's America for you. Fatties as far as the eye can see, so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself."

His eyes just won’t stop. Those incredibly intense, piercing, blue pools are still on her. He knows she's deflecting. Knows the guilt is killing her.

"Liz, look at me." She reluctantly complies; waits several seconds before turning her head to meet his gaze. He leans in, kisses tenderly high on her cheek. "You're the one who shouldn't be so hard on yourself," he whispers against the lips he then kisses.

She cups his face, her eyes roving his overly handsome features as her mind wanders with a million thoughts. The most prominent of which is always the same. Why couldn't they have started this earlier? So, so much earlier. Before Avery and Carol ever came along. Before engagements and weddings, babies and pregnancies complicated everything. Quite possibly beyond repair.

rest of story here...
parisgal3: forehead kissparisgal3 on November 11th, 2010 04:03 am (UTC)
Simple Complication, Liz's 40th, and we're back, PG

“Where is Liz?” Jack interrupted Pete’s defense of a sketch they wrote for Tracy.

“Uh, you know,” Pete mumbled, “she has the thing…with the…hair.”

“The thing with the hair? That’s what you’re going with as her excuse?” Jack asked incredulously.

Pete sighed. “I don’t know. What’s going on with you two? She’s been avoiding you hardcore for weeks. What are you fighting about?”

“I wasn’t aware we were fighting. Lemon obviously believes differently.”

“Hey, today’s her birthday, did you forget?” Pete asked.

“I did not. I sent flowers and left a voicemail.”

“You left a voicemail?”

“She won’t answer my calls,” Jack sighed. “And I have cupcakes here which she would have if she came to this meeting,” he motioned to a pink box at the corner of his desk.

Pete’s eyebrows went up as he leaned forward, “What kind of cupcakes?”

Jack pushed his chair back and stood up, “Walk with me, Pete,” he said as he grabbed the box of cupcakes and started out of his office.

More here