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06 June 2010 @ 04:43 am
Round Five - Fic  
Hey, everyone! Time has come for the prompt post to be closed and the writing of fic to begin.

Some Rules/Guidelines for Submission and Feedback:

1. Drabbles should be submitted by commenting on this post. There is no word minimum or maximum. If your fic doesn't fit in one comment (about 4300 characters), that's perfectly fine. Just post an excerpt of your fic and a link to the rest of the story elsewhere.

2. You need to use a subject line for your submissions.

The format you should use is: Title, Prompt, Rating. Example: That's How I Was Raised And I Turned Out TV, The Simpsons reruns, PG

3. Each drabble should be submitted as a new comment to this post.

4. Anyone can submit as many drabbles as they'd like, using any prompts, even your own. More than one person can submit for the same prompt.

5. Feel free to cross-post submissions elsewhere. Just make sure you let others know you wrote if for this drabble-a-thon.

6. If you like what you've read, please take the time to tell the author. Comments are like crack to fanfic writers. We can never get enough. (Please be sure to reply to the comment in which the author posted their drabble, not to this original post, so the author receives your feedback.)

7. Absolutely no flames of any kind will be tolerated in this community. This is supposed to be fun. Read the subject line before reading, and simply skip over something that appears not to be to your liking or rating preference.

The deadline for Round Five Submissions will be on September 23rd. Go on and write, everyone.

Prompt List

the absence of your company
accidental meeting
advice from Mom
after-hours drinking
aging un-gracefully
apples and oranges
around you
artificial insemination

baby names
baby shower
the ball's in your court
beach house
bee sting
better fit
bitch slap
brutal honesty
business juice
"business" trip

Can I play with your wii?
car ride
car service
catching the bouquet
Cheese Scarf
Chinese food
chocolate cake
cold feet
complete 180
Coney Island
cooking class
corporate bonding

do it again
Dream about you
drunk dialing
drunk on fish

easy bake oven

fake husband
Fate or Coincidence
four years and counting...

getting older
Ghost of You
girls night out
the glass is half empty
the glass is half full
good surprise?
green card

hair dye
Hard Equations And Rational Thinking
Heavy Heart
hot child in the city
how did you sleep?

I miss you
it's too big

Jack’s baby?
Jack gets punched
jeans in the oven
job interview
just like that

killing time

laser tag
Last Confession
lost pants
Love Lockdown
lovers (not in between meat and pizza)

make it without you
making amends
margarita Thursday
maybe not
movie premiere

never in a million years, Jack Donaghy
new glasses
not me

pizza party
Poison Ivy

quiet time

real estate
real love

sandwich rules
Saturday morning
Sean Hannity
Second City
second divorce
second marriage
sex therapist
she's fantastic
Shooting Stars
shut your face
silver lining
Snapple cap
sock it to me
sour lemon
Star Trek
stop doing that
streets ahead
surprising development

There’s only One Liz Lemon in the world!
thumbs up
time and time again
tissue paper
top chef
the trouble with dreams

underneath it all
unusual middle names

very, very wrong

wedding gift
who is it?
Wii Fit
worth it

you can do better
you don't say?
YouFace profile
you're cold

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stephen@charleneforever.com: 30 rock: jack/liz & trafficmichellek on August 8th, 2010 05:19 am (UTC)
Take Me Down, dream about you, NC-17
i. The Recurring Dream.

For many years, Jack has had a recurring dream about being overpowered by a female bodybuilder. There are many possible reasons for this -- his lifelong struggle with the fear that he'll lose himself if he stays with a woman for more than a couple of months, that he'll give another person control him, give her the power to ruin him; his lifelong struggle with his mother and her controlling, oppressive nature; his attraction to women who challenge him -- but he doesn't like to speculate on which is the correct answer. It doesn't matter, after all. Dreams don't matter.

In any case, this dream doesn't always start off as a straightforward wrestling match (which is the most common version). Sometimes, he'll be in a meeting, negotiating a contract, and a muscled woman will emerge out of nowhere and try to get him on the ground. Others, he'll be walking down the street when a woman jumps on his back and knocks him over. For most of his life, the version of Jack who's dominated by the female bodybuilder has been him of his current age. Recently, he's been dreaming about him at various stages of his life. The twenty-five-year-old version has been appearing with increasing frequency and he often comes close to defeating the female bodybuilder, which Jack of his current age never does. (An allegory about his nostalgia for his youth, when he was stronger and slimmer and handsome in a more immediately striking way? Not that it matters, but the meaning is rather straightforward considering how often he looks at the old picture of himself and reminisces about how he used to be. Not that there's anything *wrong* with him as he currently is, of course.)

One night, the dream is different in a way he never would have expected. For the most part, it's standard: Jack is who he is now, fifty years old and not in the best shape of his life. He's in his old high school gym, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, both of which proclaim him to be on 'Team Man.' But, this time, the woman with a thick neck and sharply defined muscles, wearing a bikini top and short shorts (her outfit declares no team), is Liz Lemon.

This changes his attitude and actions; instead of being ready to fight, he tries to reason with Lemon. Tells her they're friends and don't have to resort to this to prove a point (whatever that point is). But Liz doesn't stop advancing on him, and he runs in circles to get away. The spectators laugh at this. She knocks his legs out from under him, and he rolls onto his back as she pounces on him. She tries to hold him down by pressing her forearms on his shoulders, but he fights back. They roll around until he finally gets on top of her. He's sweating; she's not. For some reason, he feels like he's won. She smiles up at him as she wraps her arms around his shoulders, as if they're about to slow dance or share a romantic kiss. Then she roughly pulls him down so his head is against her chest. She locks her legs around one of his thighs. Suddenly, he's on his back again, then somehow she gets him onto his stomach. She holds both of his arms behind him, and he can't get free. Nor can he get his legs out from between her knees.

"Don't struggle, Jack," Lemon says. "You're never going to break free."

He tries, but she's right; he can't.

He wonders what message this is trying to send, if any. But, again. It's only a dream. It doesn't truly mean anything.

And the rest.

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